“I am thrilled at the response from our hardest working dancers! They deserve the best costumes”

-Lindsey McCorkle
Black Sapphire Design

Before creating Black Sapphire Design, I worked with dance studios and noticed that most catalog and even custom costumes were cheap, and barely lasted through one season.

Then, one year mid-competition season, I had to repair almost half of a team’s faulty catalog costumes. (Not fun!!) That’s when I decided to design a line of dance costumes to exceed the quality of anything the market had to offer.

I was concerned that there were already too many costume options on the market, and that studios would prefer to continue ordering out of catalogs. But after dancers excitedly brought back “Best Costume” awards from their competitions, I knew I was on the right path.

I decided to set out to create the most magnificent costumes for the hardest working dancers, so they could look and feel their very best on stage.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Finding reliable, quality fabric sources was difficult; and tweaking my patterns for the best fit has taken several years.

But I kept researching and buying samples to find the best quality fabrics available. I also worked closely with customers to find out what fit works best, and what dancers, parents, and studios want the most from their costumes.

Through it all, several collections have been released and the response has been amazing from anyone who wears our costumes.


Black Sapphire Design is a handmade company based in Coral Springs, Florida. We service individuals, studios, schools, and dance retailers across the country with custom dance costumes and dancewear.

Excellent quality and fit are the cornerstones of our company. Patterns and designs are always original, and costumes are hand crafted in small batches in order to keep the high end feel of the brand.

Lindsey worked as an apprentice under a very talented dance costumer for many years, picking up trade-specific information that translates into the brand’s success. She earned her BA in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Wayne State University, and went on to work in Technical Design in the New York Fashion Disctrict. There, she learned even more skills to refine pattern-making, and the fit our customers have come to love.