Models and Photography

Photography Tips for Modeling Dancewear
  • Please include 10-20 photos. Grab the front & back of the costume, and play around with some poses. Check Instagram for inspiration! Using a newer Smartphone is usually all you need to take great photos.
  • Use a well-lit location. Natural lighting is best! If outside, an overcast day or the “Golden Hour”(generally 5pm-7pm) is best. If inside, use a room next to a large window.
  • Check the position of your lighting. The light source should be behind the photographer. If the light is behind your dancer, pictures will show up too dark.
  • Check your background. Opt for a simple background – your dancer is the focus! Great options for outside are a water fountain, bridge, next to a body of water or natural setting, a staircase or other interesting architecture, or an ornate doorway. Inside, look for a staircase, room with tall ceilings (like a foyer or lobby), or an interesting wall/painting/decoration etc.
  • Include hands & feet in your frame. You know how important the position of your hands and feet are on stage – make sure you show that in your pictures! It can always be cropped in tighter later.
  • Do not use filters or special functions. Any special modes or filters will distort colors and lighting. Please leave this up to the final editor.
  • Do not use the flash
  • Above all, Smile!! We love seeing your happy face. A few serious poses are always welcome but we want to showcase your beautiful smile as well 🙂

Please submit photos to & include your IG handle if applicable.